Robert J. Allen M.D.


As a plastic surgeon, it is my belief that following breast cancer, all women should have the chance to have natural breasts, without the sacrifice of muscle and function.  For this reason, I have dedicated my career to autogenous, microsurgical breast reconstruction – the only muscle sparing approach to breast reconstruction while still using one’s own body tissue.  In 1992, I pioneered the first muscle sparing perforator flap for breast reconstruction use, called the DIEP flap, which utilizes the skin and fat of the lower abdomen to recreate breasts.  Since then, I have developed the SIEA, S-GAP, I-GAP, TUG, and PAP flaps, which offer women other donor site options for reconstruction, aside from just the abdomen.

Over the course of my career, I have helped thousands of women through a very difficult time in their lives.  Breast cancer and the loss of one or both breasts, is not only traumatic, but can often be disfiguring and damage one’s sense of womanhood.  I understand the physical and emotional challenges women endure in the face of breast cancer and mastectomies with or without reconstruction.  It is my belief that all women who confront mastectomies can still have natural breasts while maintaining their sense of womanhood and self confidence.

I am writing this blog as a method of sharing my ideas, thoughts and beliefs about breast reconstruction with the public.  What you will read will often be my professional opinion, but it is grounded in my years of research and clinical and surgical experience.  I hope you find this blog interesting, informative and relevant.


Dr. Robert J. Allen received a medical degree from the Medical University of South Carolina. He then went on to residency at Louisiana State University in general and plastic surgery. After completion of general and plastic surgery training in Louisiana, he moved to New York City for a one-year fellowship in microsurgery at New York University Medical Center. He is Clinical Professor of Plastic Surgery at NYU Medical Center, Medical University of South Carolina, and LSU Health Sciences Center.

Dr. Allen is the pioneer of the muscle sparing DIEP/SIEA/S-GAP/I-GAP perforator flaps and a founder of The Center for Microsurgical Breast Reconstruction and the Group for the Advancement of Breast Reconstruction.

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